Zend_Loader, the silent killer

Update 1st May 2009: Good news, Zend Framework 1.8 defaults to no longer suppressing errors in loading classes (not sure how much of their library has been converted to use this though)

A good article on the autoloader changes:


Several times during website development, I have come across scripts which die without errors, so I try and debug the pages, finding which functions/includes it is getting to before it dies, narrowing it down. The code I usually come across which causes this is in the Zend Framework in the form of:


Zend_Form’s flaw in an MVC environment

Zend_Form, the latest and greatest addition to the Zend Framework in version 1.5, is an infusion of the best bits of Zend_Filter_Input, and the Zend_View_Helper system. At first glance it looks like the ideal system for setting up from the simplest to the most complex forms, and this is how most people will see it.

I recently delved into the use of it, and was instantly shocked at a fatal flaw in its design. Where am I supposed to put it?